Corporate Sponsorship

The intricacies of visa proceedings and legal formalities are abundant but do not let them be a hindrance to the success of your business here in the Middle East. Small businesses and corporate entities alike face difficulties getting permission to start operations in a foreign country. the expertise to help you with all the procedures and formalities to start your business. Using our services will ensure that you experience no delays in the procedures due to the incomplete or improper submission of the documents. Our staff will handle all of the necessary English to Arabic translations, Ministry procedures, and paperwork to ensure your enterprise operates lawfully. Here a few things that we offer as part of our Sponsorship Services:

Employee Visa Processing
English to Arabic paperwork translation services (Vice-versa)
Company Labor File (mandatory to operate in Kuwait)
Host Nation Services
Local Laws and Customs Assistance
Lodging and Accommodations (please see Commercial Leasing page for more Info)
Vehicle Acquisition
Dependent Visa processing
Legal Assistance

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Relocation Services

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