Relocation Services

Moving you to Kuwait, Experts Real Estate Company is dedicated to making your move as stress-free as possible through custom designed relocation and real estate services. Moving to Kuwait, we have the resources to deliver excellence. Relocation services are provided by Experts Real Estate with personal knowledge of the area, screened and selected for their expertise and commitment to client satisfaction.

Prior your arrival to Kuwait we ensure a full understanding of your needs and preferences, we provide you with comprehensive information about Kuwait real estate and housing and recommended residential areas and identify suitable properties. We Advice on pros and cons of each short-listed property. We provide temporary Accommodation Support or short-term relocation. Our team at Experts Real Estate will also assist with lease signing and payments to ensure a smooth relocation process for you and your family.

One of the main concerns for parents moving in to Kuwait is relocating children to schools. The decision of a Home Placement is impacted by the child’s schooling. At Experts Real Estate Company we have the knowledge to suggest and find various schools in Kuwait. Finding a schools in a well known school in Kuwait can be challenging due to high demand long waiting lists. We will communicate with you and inform you when we should start the procedure once a school is selected, we also assist in the registration workflow.

Experts Real Estate team has the expertise ease into Kuwait with minimum haste to deal with the stress associated with getting settled. Our service can incorporate a wide range of services including, residency and government workflow, connection of utilities, opening bank accounts, arranging insurance, shopping, procurement services which include tours of shopping malls and value added shopping locations, choosing vehicles and furniture, Introduction to social groups, briefing about Kuwait law and regulation.

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